Textpattern Hosting

Textpattern – a fresh blog solution
Textpattern is open source software, which allows you to quickly publish content without having to learn HTML.

How to obtain Textpattern
To start setting up your blog website you first need to find a reliable web hosting service and then go through a script installation procedure, which demands time and basic MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc. knowledge.

Textpattern Web Hosting Plans with special FREE bonuses
With any of our Textpattern-ready web hosting plans you get a basketful of special bonuses - a FREE Textpattern installation, which will save you time, efforts and money (a regular Textpattern installation by a specialist would have cost you up to $40USD), as well as installation of more than 30 other free scripts through our powerful Elefante Installer. Besides, you get free marketing tools, a free website builder and a free domain name, included in most of the Textpattern web hosting plans.

Textpattern optimized hosting
All Textpattern web hosting plans are based on a semi-cluster hosting platform that is up to 15 times faster than the widespread one-server hosting platforms. This is achieved thanks to our last generation Quad-Core servers that create a balanced distribution of the load generated by the different hosting services between each other.

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