Movable Type Script Overview

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Movable Type 4 is a weblog software that allows you to quickly start a blog, easily manage an entire blogging website, and closely contact and communicate with your audience. It’s easy to install the user’s interface and even easier to get started. You are able to insert text, photos, files and more with an advancely developed WYSIWYG editing system. Movable Type 4 supports creation of standalone pages that automatically adopt your blog's design. It also provides a built-in member registration system for reader and comment authentication, and advanced system for archiving and displaying content. One of its highly facilitative options is the possibility for summarizing all your blogging activity within the convenience of one single window. It also includes a dynamic graphics display that enables you to see what's been happening within your blog, the content and the contributors to the discussion, and provides strategically helpful starting points for managing your website.

Demo Links:   Movable Type Admin | Movable Type Website

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