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Plogger – a next generation photo gallery tool for everyone
Plogger is a modern photo gallery script that is open to everyone who wants to share their images with the world, and is characterized by a wide range of functionalities and a simplified and at the same time attractive administrative interface. For the look and feel of your gallery you can either rely on ready-made templates or create your own custom skins.

How to get ready for launching your Plogger gallery online
The set up of a Plogger-driven photo gallery requires a few basic steps to be taken. First off, you need to have a Plogger-optimized web hosting account at hand and the script downloaded to your PC. Second, some initial skills in MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc. will be needed for the installation of the script. After that you will be able to organize your personal photo exhibition on the Internet.

Plogger Web Hosting plans with free out-of-the box bonuses, including free Plogger installation
Each Plogger Web Hosting plan is equipped with the powerful Elefante Installer, which will install Plogger, or any other script within its rich catalogue, for you in a matter of seconds. Thus, by initiating a blog or a calendar, or by running a forum or content management system (CMS) or starting an online store via shopping cart, you can easily build multi-lateral web presence. No skills required, no investment needed (all script installations through the Elefante Installer are free, while a specialist would have charged you around $50USD for the service)!

Apart from the multiple script bonuses, your Plogger web hosting plan also offers you a free web design builder for template-based website creation (Site Studio), free marketing tools for boosting website popularity and free domain registration/transfer options (available with most plans).

Plogger Web Hosting backed up by powerful semi-clustered Quad-Core servers
To ensure the fast and load-free operation of your Plogger-based website, we have built a semi-cluster web hosting platform that registers several times greater working efficiency (faster response and less data processing time) than the regular one-server ones do. The main job here is done by next generation Quad-Core servers that distribute the load generated by the most intensively used hosting services between each other. On top of that, those semi-clustered servers work within energy-saving racks that create much greener operating conditions than the general web hosting practice shows.

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