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phpBB3essence and application
phpBB™ 3.0 “Olympus” is last generation discussion board software, which offers flexible opportunities for control over the organization and the content of your forum not only to you as an administrator, but also to the members of your online community. Its evolutionary innovations render the process of the creation and management of a forum rich of options and functionalities a quick and easy task.

phpBB3 benefits for the user and the forum administrator
phpBB3 offers a new glimpse at the functionalities of the online discussion board. Amidst the user innovations that stand out most are: a considerably improved control panel, the possibility to subscribe to receive forum news releases and to send personal messages to several users simultaneously, the options for locking and bookmarking of a particular theme, support for file attachments, more custom styles, and many more new functionalities.

As far as the administrator is concerned, the majority of the improvements are focused on the creation of different levels of control over the assistant administrator/ moderators and the users.

Why should I install phpBB3 through the Elefante Installer?
The installation process of phpBB™ 3.0 “Olympus” is very simple – giving the abundance of options and functionalities it is offering. The speed of its realization, however, depends more or less on your level of MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Apache Web Server, Linux Operating System, etc. knowledge. Save time and efforts with the Elefante Installer – a platform for the automated installation of phpBB3 and 40 other scripts. It is so easy – fill in the basic installation parameters, including the name of your site, and after a few clicks phpBB3 will be ready to lay the foundations of your online forum.

phpBB3 hosting plans with а gift: Free phpBB3 forum software installation (up to $45 value!).
With each phpBB3 hosting plan we offer free phpBB3 installation, thus saving you between $30 and $45 USD – the cost required by a phpBB3 developer or specialist for a single phpBB3 forum software installation. Our Elefante Installer makes everything fully automatic: after the completion of your phpBB3 hosting order, your phpBB3 website will be installed and your forum will be fully ready for use. What you will have to do is only insert your unique content using the phpBB3 forum software administration panel, which is part of the Advanced Web Hosting Control Panel.

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