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phpBB3 – a forum solution for striking online community results
phpBB3 is an exact response to your most sophisticated bulletin board requirements. The third major version of the world's leading open-source forum software now adds many new features to both admin area and user interface of an online discussion board. Enjoy phpBB3’s professional-quality modular design, high security environment and full layout customisation options, all operated with a low execution overhead.

Level of skills and resources generally required for installing phpBB3
For a quick and successful beginning with phpBB3, you need to first find a reliable hosting environment and then go through a series of installation procedures that require at least basic MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc. knowledge, and can also turn out to be more time-consuming than expected.

phpBB3 Web Hosting Plans with Special Gifts: Free phpBB3 installation, Free Marketing Tools; Free Website Builder & Free Domain Name
Our feature-rich web hosting packages provide all necessary resources for starting your own phpBB3-based online forum quickly and hassle-free. Moreover that the installation of your phpBB3 will be fully automatic and completely free of charge, which saves you time and service costs (a phpBB3 installation by a specialist usually costs around $50 USD).

Together with the free phpBB3 installation, our web hosting plans also provide you with the options to install a blog, a photo gallery, a calendar, a content management system (CMS) or a shopping cart, without any further fees. All these bonus features are delivered to you by our powerful script installation tool - Elefante Installer.

And that’s not all! Most of our phpBB3 hosting plans come equipped with a free website builder (SiteStudio), a set of free marketing tools for boosting your website’s popularity, and a free domain registration/transfer option.

phpBB3 Web Hosting based on new generation Quad-Core Servers
Choosing to host your phpBB3 forum or any other script and application with us has another major advantage – the high quality of our servers’ performance. Our in-house developed semi-cluster hosting platform is several times faster than those widespread one-server hosting services. This is achieved with the help of Quad-Core servers of latest generation, which distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other, providing a 99.9% availability of your web presence.

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