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WebsiteBaker – your website creation assistant
The main purpose of Website Baker is to ease your work with a well-structured and content-rich website. It represents a PHP-based content management system with user-friendly interface and broad range of management features and customisation options.

Tips for a quick start with WebsiteBaker
To start your WebsiteBaker-driven website you need to do a little preparation work – choose a trustworthy web hosting provider, download the software from a licensed distributor and install it online. The installation process, though simplified to the maximum, will require time and basic MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc. knowledge.

WebsiteBaker Web Hosting plans with Free WebsiteBaker installation and a bunch of exclusive online presence bonuses
With any of our WebsiteBaker Web Hosting plans you get the Elefante Installer, a tool that will  install your WebsiteBaker within seconds, in addition to a wide variety of other scripts for blog, gallery, guestbook, calendar, forum, shopping cart - focused websites. Beside time and efforts, this functionality will also save you money (up to $50 USD is usually required by a developer for a single script installation).

The bouquet of bonuses is complemented by a set of web marketing and administration tools, a website builder, domain name registration/transfer options, also coming free of charge with the majority of the offered web hosting plans.

WebSiteBaker Web Hosting powered by new generation Quad-Core Servers
All WebSiteBaker Web Hosting plans have high level of performance thanks to our innovative, in-house developed semi-cluster hosting platform, which boasts a much faster server response and data processing time than the regular one-server ones do. The semi-cluster technology allows balanced distribution of the load generated by the different hosting services between powerful Quad-Core servers, which brings higher stability and minimizes any potential problems.

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