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Simple Machines Forum (SMF) – essence and purpose
You are planning to form your own online community and wonder which software to trust unconditionally so as to avoid contact with all forms of programming and script/database administration? Present online since 2004, SMF (Simple Machines Forum) aims namely at this – to give your online community a quick and effortless start, as its very name suggests. And because it is a  script, it is available completely free of charge!

What are the benefits of using SMF forum software?
The script gives you everything that your personal/business discussion bulletin needs without the need of having direct control over server resources. SMF offers a WYSIWYG editor, e-mail templates, an inbuilt warning system, strict content control over user signatures, an improved upgrade script with better timeout protection, many permission improvements and so on.

Why should I install SMF through the Elefante Installer?
Not only is it easy to maintain and customize according to your own liking, SMF is easy to install as well. Thanks to the Elefante Installer, a user-friendly online platform for the installation of more than 40 scripts, you can give your SMF-based online community a quick and successful start only with a few mouse clicks. With the Elefante Installer you don’t have to deal with MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Apache server, etc. Simply fill the name of your site together with several other basic installation settings, and prepare for a thrilling meeting with your “obedient” online community building tool.

SMF hosting with а free SMF forum installation (up to $50 value!).
The setup of an SMF forum by a freelance specialist can cost you between $35 and $50 USD. Moreover, this price includes only the administrative settings of the script.

Upon each purchase of an SMF hosting plan we offer free SMF forum installation, thus saving you up to $50 USD.
Taking advantage of the completely automated installation process, your SMF forum will be fully ready to use as soon as your SMF hosting order has been completed.

After the installation process has been finished, the only thing left for you to do is create the desired discussions and themes using the SMF administration panel, which is integrated in our Advanced Web Hosting Control Panel.

Demo Links:   Simple Machines Forum Admin | Simple Machines Forum Website

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