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phpCOIN – your client management tool
This powerful client management tool is targeted at all businesses wishing to create an integrated environment for communication with their clients. It supports incredibly useful functionalities for misc content presentation, for collecting client/order information, for giving billing directions and for monitoring all these processes.

How to get started with phpCOIN
The set-up of a client management interface with phpCOIN requires some pre-use steps to be taken. You should find a good web hosting service, get the script downloaded onto your PC and then install it online using basic MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux skills.

phpCOIN Web Hosting Plans with free phpCOIN installation and other exclusive FREE bonuses for your online business success
The order of any of our phpCOIN hosting plans includes automatic free phpCOIN installation through our Elefante Installer tool. And that’s not all! You will be also able to quickly install blogphoto gallery, guestbook, forum, calendar, content management system, etc. websites within the same web hosting account without giving a dime even!

With your phpCOIN optimized web hosting account you get even more exclusive features, such as a free website builder (SiteStudio), free marketing and administration tools and a free domain name registration/ transfer, coming with most of the plans.

Robust Quad-Core Servers-powered phpCOIN hosting
The smooth operation of your phpCOIN-driven website will be guaranteed by our semi-cluster hosting platform, which works several times faster than the widely popular one-server hosting ones do. This is ensured by our last generation Quad-Core servers, which distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other in a balanced way, thus reaching higher stability and experiencing much less problems with the online availability of your customer-focused websites.

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