PHP-Fusion Hosting

PHP-Fusion – your smart website set-up assistant
PHP-Fusion comes equipped with the features and functions supported by the majority of content management system packages. What distinguishes it from the ‘competition’ is its light and smart design, as well as its comprehensive, yet simple administration system. The tool allows you to easily design web sites for any needs in less than a day!

Steps to making PHP-Fusion work for your website
PHP-Fusion is indeed easy to work with. There are, however, a few requirements you need to keep in mind before activating PHP-Fusion for your website. You need to find a trustworthy web hosting service, download the script from its official website and finally install it online, applying your basic knowledge of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. With a fully featured PHP-Fusion web hosting plan – all the efforts are put aside.

PHP-Fusion Web Hosting Plans with FREE PHP-Fusion installation and many other special bonuses
With any of our PHP-Fusion Web Hosting Plans you get the CSM script installed within seconds, absolutely free of charge! In addition, our Elefante Installer will also install for you a great variety of other popular and extremely useful scripts for your blog, photo gallery, wiki, calendar, shopping cart, etc. websites. What an effort- and time-saving way to get going online and have a multi-lateral web presence! With each script installation we save you up to $50 USD – the regular fee required by a technician for this service.

What else you can expect from our PHP-Fusion Web Hosting Plans – FREE marketing and administration tools for boosting the popularity of your website and increasing its security, as well as a free website builder and a free domain name registration/transfer service, coming with most of the plans.

PHP-Fusion Web Hosting on powerful semi-clustered servers
All PHP-Fusion Web Hosting plans will bring you high levels of performance and security thanks to our powerful Quad-Core servers, which distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other. This is achieved thanks to our semi-cluster technology, which allows us to ensure up to 15 times faster server performance than the widely popular one-server hosting platforms provide.

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