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osCommerce Online Shopessence and purpose
osCommerce Online Merchant is a multi-functional, multi-lingual e-commerce solution for your online shop, no matter how big or small it is, and regardless of whether you will use it to offer handcrafted souvenirs or various factory-made goods.
The osCommerce online shop website builder is based on the so-called Open Source technology, which presupposes not only its free circulation around the World Wide Web, but also its constant development and improvement – something that has led to the maximum facilitation of the setup process, management and maintenance of an online shop for commodities and services from one single place with minimum efforts and resources. What’s more, you don’t have to be familiar with programming languages!

osCommerce Online Shop benefits for the user
osCommerce is your main tool for opening a complete, fully functional custom online shop, configured according to your aesthetic and functional preferences, which will spread the word about your offerings so that the message gets through to your potential clients from around the world. All this is accomplished with a user-friendly, secure admin panel, through which you can choose and customize your template, compile your catalogue, generate online invoice forms and thank you e-mails, access order details, handle shipping, set special quantity discounts and many more! All these, complicated at first sight, operations require just a few clicks of the mouse!

osCommerce is user-friendly to your clients as well – its shopping cart, characterized by a simplified, consumer-friendly functionality, is completely under their control. Thus, they can add/delete products at any time, alter quantities and see the amount due before actually reaching the payment page.

Why should I install osCommerce online shop through the Elefante Installer?
osCommerce no doubt is your reliable assistant for creating and maintaining an online shop. More or less, however, osCommerce installation requires at least basic MySQL, Apache Web Server, phpMyAdmin, Linux, etc. knowledge, which often renders the process more time consuming than usual.
To solve this problem, the Elefante Installer has been developed. It is a platform for the time-saving automated installation of more than 30 scripts, including osCommerce.  Simply fill your name and the name of the site, and after a few mouse clicks your osCommerce online shop builder will be ready to use and will be entirely under your control.

osCommerce hosting plans with free osCommerce online shop installation (up to $150 value!).
A single osCommerce online shop installation by a specialist costs between $30 and $150 USD. Many osCommerce online shop installation specialists receive regular monthly taxes even after the installation itself... Obviously, if you are not one of them yourself, things may become serious.

With each osCommerce hosting plan we offer free osCommerce installation, thus saving you up to $150 USD. Everything is fully automated: as soon as your osCommerce hosting order has been completed, your osCommerce website will be installed and your online shop will be fully ready for exploitation. You will only have to specify the products and their prices using the osCommerce online shop administration panel, which is integrated in the Advanced Web Hosting Control Panel, from where you will be able to also administer your domains, emails, files, etc.

Demo Links:   OS Commerce Admin | OS Commerce Website

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