osCommRes - a simple and effective solution for your online store
osCommRes is an easy-to-manage, yet highly efficient shopping cart software tool for building an online store of your own and sustaining high customer interest in your services. Most importantly, no extensive programming skills are actually needed for you to utilize it!

How to make a good start withosCommRes
To pave the way of your online shop’s web presence with osCommRes, you should prepare to perform a few basic steps: to find a good web hosting service, to get the script downloaded onto your PC and then install it online using basic MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux skills.

osCommRes Web Hosting plans with exclusive bonuses: Free osCommRes installation, Free Marketing Tools and many more
With any of our osCommRes-friendly web hosting plans, the script activation procedure is incredibly simplified and shortened for you. In addition to saving you efforts and time, our Elefante Installer will also cut your costs by doing fee-free the job of an osCommRes specialist who would usually charge you around $50 USD for the installation service.

And that’s not all! You will be also able to quickly install blogphoto gallery, guestbook, forum, calendar, content management system, etc. websites within the same web hosting account without giving a dime even! On top of that list add the availability of free website marketing and administration tools, as well as a free website builder and free domain name registration/transfer services, coming as extras with most of our hosting plans.

osCommRes Web Hosting relying on high quality Quad-Core Servers
To ensure stable and trouble-free working conditions for your osCommRes-based online shop and your overall web presence, we have built an innovative semi-cluster hosting technology platform, operating with top-quality Quad-Core servers. This way we provide five to ten times faster server response and data processing than the one-server hosting platforms. The flexible distribution of the load generated by the different hosting services between the servers is a guarantee for higher stability and less problems of any kind.



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