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OpenAds – your ad management software choice
Openads is an open-source ad management server, enabling you to easily make money from your website by placing advertising on its pages. It supports any type of ad format such as images, movies, flash, popups etc.. Through its feature-rich  administrative interface you have full control over each campaign running on your website.

Steps to making OpenAds your ad campaign manager
To start managing ad campaigns on your website through OpenAds - you first need to find a reliable web hosting service and then go through a script installation procedure, which demands time and basic MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc. knowledge.

OpenAds Web Hosting Plans with exclusive FREE bonuses
With each OpenAdsweb hosting plan you can start making use of OpenAds within seconds. Through our Elefante Installer you get a free OpenAds installation, as well as the option to install any other free script of your choice such as a blog, a photo album, a calendar, a forum, a content management system or a shopping cart on your website(s). Our free installation tool will save you time, efforts and money (a single script installation by a technician costs around $50 USD)

In addition to the free script bonuses, you will also get useful marketing and administration tools, as well as a free website builder and a free domain name, coming with most of the plans.

OpenAds Hosting on Quad-Core Servers
The smooth operation of your OpenAdssupporting website will be guaranteed by our semi-cluster hosting platform, which works several times faster than the widely used one-server ones. This is ensured by our last generation Quad-Core servers, which distribute the load generated by the separate hosting services between each other in a balanced way, thus achieving higher stability for your website(s).

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