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Open Realty – your Real Estate website manager
Open Realty is a fast and flexible content management system for building fully featured dynamic Real Estate websites. Through its New Graphical Administrative Interface and WYSIYG Editor you can easily launch and manage your online real estate listings and make them accessible from all over the world. The integrated template system will allow you to produce a content-rich, professionally structured website without having to possess any knowledge of HTML or PHP.

What is needed to make Open Realty work for your website
There are a few requirements you need to take into consideration before making use of the advanced features Open Realty for your Real Estate website’s purposes. You need to first find a PHP+MySQL hosting service, then download the script from the Internet and install it. The latter requires some basic knowledge of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

Open Realty Web Hosting Plans with FREE Open Realty installation plus many other exclusive bonuses for your winning online presence
With each Open Realty web hosting plan you do not need to bother downloading the script and installing it online. Our Elefante Installer will do it all for you free of charge, thus saving you time, efforts and money (the regular fee for a single script installation by a technician is $50 USD)! Moreover, you will be able to further take advantage of its functionality by choosing to install other open-source scripts (blog, forum, guest book, photo gallery, calendar, shopping cart, wiki scripts) – also completely free for you!

Another huge advantage of our Open Realty web hosting plans is that they also offer a rich set of free web marketing and administration tools. Most of the plans offer a free website builder (Site Studio) and free domain name registration/transfer services as well.

Open Realty Web Hosting under innovative highly efficient semi-cluster technology
The Open Realty web hosting plans are backed up by robust semi-clustered Quad Core servers, which offer much faster data request processing than the general one-server platforms do. The latest generation Quad-Core servers distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other, thus saving you all the trouble related to excessive load usage.

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