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Mjguest – the perfect choice for your guestbook Mjguest represents a real Web 2.0 guestbook with professional style. Its user-friendly interface empowers you to easily set up guestbooks without any contact with PHP or any other complicated programming languages.

How to make Mjguest your guestbook tool
Working with Mjguest is an easy-going experience, which requires some important preparation steps to be taken in advance. First off, you need to find a secure web hosting service, download the Mjguest free script and install it in your Mjguest web hosting account, using your knowledge of MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc. 

Mjguest Web Hosting Plans with exclusive FREE bonuses
With any of our Mjguest hosting plans you do not need to be technically experienced to give a start to your Mjguest website. Each plan is equipped with the in-house built Elefante Installer, giving you an instant free Mjguest installation which will save you up to $50USD (the regular Mjguest installation fee a technician would have charged you).
Along with Mjguest you will also have the possibility to choose between more than 30 other free scripts to be installed in the same effortless, time-saving and charge-free way. Simply use the Elefante Installer to get going online with your blog, photo album, calendar, forum, shopping cart or content management system website.

Another irresistible advantage of each Mjguest web hosting plan is that they also offer a rich set of free web marketing and administration tools. Most of the plans also supply a free website builder (Site Studio) and free domain name registration/transfer services.

Mjguest Hosting on cutting-edge semi-clustered servers
For sake of the smooth functioning of your Mjguest and any other Elefante Installer script-based website, we have set up a semi-cluster hosting platform based on Quad-Core servers with innovative characteristics. They provide five to ten times faster server responses and higher stability than the regular one-server hosting platforms do, under environment friendly working conditions.

Demo Links:   MJguest Admin | MJguest Website

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