Mambo Hosting

Mambo – a powerful free CMS system
With Mambo, a free content management system, you are fully capable of creating everything from a simple personal home page to a content-rich web portal in a matter of minutes, without having to possess in-depth web design and programming knowledge. Thanks to the highly customisable free Mambo templates you will be the master of your online presence.

How to put your Mambo in action
Working with Mambo is a really pleasant experience, but before that you need to go through a few preparation steps – finding a good web hosting service, downloading and installing the script, and applying some basic knowledge of MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc.

Mambo Web Hosting Plans with special FREE bonuses
With each Mambo web hosting plan you can start working with Mambo within seconds. Through our Elefante Installer you get a free Mambo installation, as well as the option to install any other free script of your choice such as a blog, a photo album, a calendar, a forum or a shopping cart on your website(s).

In addition to the free script bonuses, you will also get useful marketing and administration tools, as well as a free website builder and a free domain name (registration or transfer), coming with most of the plans.

Mambo hosting on powerful Quad-Core Servers
Working with the Mambo CMS software will be a real pleasure for you, thanks to our semi-cluster hosting platform, which ensures up to 15 times faster server responses than the general web hosting practice knows. Our last generation Quad-Core servers distribute the generated load between each other, thus protecting your websites against any load related issues.


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