Maian Events Hosting

Maian Events – your online events organizer
With Maian Events, an event calendar system, you can easily integrate a calendar board with forthcoming events into any page of your website. It is displayed via a full screen interface where the event-packed dates are highlighted to attract your attention. To reinforce the reminding effect – you can add emoticons, pictures or write comments for each event.

How to make a successful start with Maian Events
Before including a Maian Events calendar within your website you need to perform a few necessary actions – find a Maian Events web hosting service, download the script on your PC and install it online. However, some basic knowledge of MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc. is required.

Maian Events Web Hosting Plans with fast and FREE Maian Events installation plus other exclusive free features
Start your Maian Events calendar with minimum efforts and at no cost! The powerful Elefante Installer, which comes with all Maian Events web hosting plans, will install the event calendar script for you in seconds, so that you don’t need to download it first to your PC and intervene in the installation process. And all that is absolutely free of charge (a regular Maian Events installation by a specialist will cost you up to $50 USD). In addition, you can get a number of other free scripts for your blog, forum, photo gallery, content management system (CMS), shopping cart, etc. website, activated in the same effortless, timesaving and cost-free way.

Apart from the multiple free script advantages delivered to you by our Elefante Installer, most of the Maian Events web hosting plans also include free marketing and administration tools for boosting the popularity and tightening the security of your websites, a free template-based web design tool (Site Studio), and last but not least – free domain name registration or transfer options.

Maian Events hosting on powerful semi-clustered Quad Core servers
What makes your choice of our Maian Events hosting services even more worthwhile is that they are based on powerful Quad Core servers operating under an innovative semi-clustered hosting technology. All that brings up to 15 times faster request processing and server response times, less server load and hardware problems and much lower energy consumption than the popular one-server hosting platforms are known for.

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