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HelpCenterLive – your customer support tools
Help Center Live is a feature-rich customer support software tool, allowing you to easily offer assistance to your clients via live help, support tickets and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) options.

How to make HelpCenterLive work for your website
Before incorporating a HelpCenterLive customer support section into your website you need to perform a few necessary actions – to find a HelpCenterLive web hosting service, download the script and install it online, which requires some basic knowledge of MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc.

HelpCenterLive Web Hosting Plans with fast and many exclusive free bonuses
With each HelpCenterLive web hosting plan you do not need to download the script and install it online manually. Our Elefante Installer will do it all for you free of charge, thus saving you time, efforts and money (the regular fee for a single script installation by a specialist is $50 USD)! Moreover, you will be able to further make use of its functionalities by choosing to install other open-source scripts (blog, forum, guest book, photo gallery, calendar, shopping cart, wiki scripts) – also free for you! Another reason to choose our HelpCenterLive hosting plans is that they also offer a rich set of free web marketing and administration tools. Most of the plans also include a free website builder (Site Studio) and a free domain name.

HelpCenterLive Web Hosting under innovative semi-cluster technology
The HelpCenterLive plans are backed up by new generation semi-clustered hosting Quad Core servers, which offer much faster data request processing than the general one-server platforms do. The latest generation Quad-Core servers distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other, thus saving you all the trouble related to excessive load usage.

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