Drupal Hosting

Drupal – what it is and what it stands for
Drupal ranks amongst the most popular free open-source content management platforms in the World Wide Web. Through a set of diverse features it empowers individuals and groups of users to kickstart and manage a content-rich web presence in the form of personal blogs, corporate brochures or large community-driven websites.

Level of skills and resources required for installing Drupal
To start using Drupal, you will have to follow some installation steps that usually require a certain amount of your precious time, at least basic MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc. skills, but most importantly – a reliable web hosting environment.

Drupal Web Hosting with Special Bonuses: Free Drupal 1-click installation, Free Website Design/Marketing Tools & Free Domain Name
All our web hosting plans are fully compatible with the requirements for running a Drupal-based website. Besides, our installation of Drupal is absolutely automatic and free of charge, meaning that we will save you $50 USD – such is the fee commonly charged by specialists for script installation.

The benefits of our hosting plans extend far beyond the scope of Drupal. Also free of charge you get full access to the functionalities of the powerful Elefante Installer, through which you can install a blog, forum, photo album, calendar, or shopping cart within minutes. Most of our plans include extra special bonuses, such as free website builder (SiteStudio), free set of marketing tools, brand new domain name free registration or free domain name transfer.

Drupal Web Hosting based on cutting edge Quad-Core Server technology
Your Drupal-driven website will rest on a semi-cluster platform, which boasts a 15 times faster performance than the widespread one-server hosting one. All this is made possible through our powerful Quad-Core servers, configured to distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other. Moreover, their well-balanced co-operation allows for all the installation scripts in the Elefante Installer to be supported by our hosting services.


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