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Coppermine – what is it and what is its application?
Coppermine is an amazingly user-friendly photo gallery script! It ensures an excellent environment for you to present to the audience your favorite web albums and share your most treasured moments. Thanks to its easygoing interface, handy administrative controls, and a worldwide fame for being exceptionally good at what it does, it has become one of the most popular web gallery platforms.

Do I have to possess special skills to install Coppermine?
Coppermine is known for its simplified installation procedure. However, the set up of the Apache server and the installation and configuration of the PHP support for ImageMagic or GD libraries are not within the capabilities of every user.

Special Gifts with Coppermine Web Hosting: Free Coppermine Installation; Free Elefante Installer, Free Marketing Tools; Free Website Builder & Free Domain Name
Every time you order any of our Coppermine optimized web hosting plans, we will automatically install a Coppermine web album for you. The installation is completely free of charge and is not included in the price of the Coppermine optimized web hosting services offered by us (a Coppermine installation by a specialist usually costs around 120 USD). The free Coppermine installation is only one of our gifts for you.

Together with the free Coppermine installation we provide you with the Elefante Installer, which, beside your web photo album, enables you to also install a blog, a forum, a calendar, or a shopping cart (e-commerce hosting) for example, without having to pay a dime.

To the list of our gifts (with most Coppermine hosting plans) we can safely add also the free website builder (SiteStudio), the free marketing tools feature and the free domain registration or transfer options.

Coppermine optimized hosting (powered by last generation Quad-Core Servers)
We have created also a semi-cluster hosting platform (up to 15 times faster than the widespread one-server hosting platforms), thanks to which our powerful last generation Quad-Core servers distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other. The optimization of our innovative semi-cluster hosting platform as far as Coppermine is concerned has caused no problems whatsoever. With the many free resources available we practically managed to optimize our hosting service to support each of the offered installation scripts in the Elefante Installer.

Semi-Cluster Hosting vs One Server Hosting

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