Classifieds Hosting

Classifieds – your classified ad application
Noah's Classifieds (Classifieds) is a web-based, highly-customizable classified ad application, allowing users to post advertisements in an unlimited range of categories and sub-categories.

How to get Classifieds started for your websites
There are a few things you need to consider before making use of the multiple features of Classifieds. You should start by finding a reliable web hosting service. Then you should download the script and install it online through your Classifieds hosting account. To complete the latter task successfully, you need to possess at least basic knowledge of MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache web server, Linux, etc.

Classifieds Web Hosting Plans with irresistible FREE bonuses
Any of our Classifieds-ready web hosting plans come with the powerful Elefante Installer, which offers a free Classifieds installation, along with the installation of many other useful open-source scripts from its catalogue, arranged in the following categories: blog, photo album, calendar, forum, content management system, shopping cart and others.

With most of the Classifieds web hosting plans you also get effective marketing and administration tools, as well as a free website builder and a free domain name registration or transfer option.

Classifieds hosting on powerful Quad-Core Servers
Building your online ad strategies through any Classifieds web hosting plan we offer  will be a real pleasure for you, thanks to our semi-cluster hosting platform, which ensures up to 15 times faster server responses than the general web hosting practice knows. Our advanced Quad-Core servers distribute the generated load between each other, thus protecting your websites against any load related issues.

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